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Food Industry X Just Arrived


Haupt Lakrits

Haupt Lakrits comes from a long and great love for chocolate and licorice. But it wasn't until the married couple traveled to Iceland that the company came to life. And the goal was always clear - to make the world's best licorice. They wanted to create a sweet and salty licorice that stood out from the crowd as well as pralines that combined licorice and chocolate. A Hallelujah Moment for Sweden.

Haupt Lakrits


The food industry has opened many doors for Just Arrived candidates to get a job. Just Arrived focuses on validating and matching intercultural talent with their first or second job in Sweden. And it is good to see that our partners prioritize diversity. By working more socially sustainably, we can give a chance to the people outside the labour market to enter it. 


Generally most of the work in the food industry is automatic. In order to make the job more varied, it is common for you to work in teams and rotate between different tasks. Therefore, it is important that you are a team player.



Beijing8 brings traditional Chinese food to the Swedish market, more specifically, they are experts in dumplings. The dumplings are made with natural ingredients and most importantly the company is characterize by visions of sustainability.

chew folk.jpeg
Chew Folk

Chew Folk

Let Chew Folk introduce chewing gum without plastic!

The idea came from the huge problem in non-biodegradable chewing gum that was littering our streets. 

The big problem, however, is that it is harmful to our  nature and waterways. The plastic can eventually make their way into our food chain. This is why Chew Folk created their factory from scratch, designed to remove the plastic without compromising the chewing gum experience. The result became all-natural, fully biodegradable and tasty! 

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