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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Hiring and assisting talent from Ukraine.

Born out of the 2015 refugee crisis, Just Arrived was founded on the idea that all new competence in Sweden is of value. Since then we have met thousands of talents from all over the world, who have relocated to Sweden for all kinds of reasons. We have become experts on validating and matching these individuals with their first job in Sweden. Right now, a lot of Ukrainians are getting residence to stay and work in Sweden  - we are here for you as an employer and for everyone new in this country.

At Just Arrived, we can answer questions for you as an employer that concern:

  • Work permits and migration issues

  • Hiring people from Ukraine (or any other part of the world)

  • Companies with freelancers / employees in Ukraine

We are now looking for you that have the chance to hire the people that have gotten here. Short or long term. Please contact us to learn more:

NOTE: "March 3rd: EU ministers today unanimously agreed on the establishment of a temporary protection mechanism in response to the influx of displaced persons from Ukraine. This will enable the EU member states to offer people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine an appropriate response for their situation. Eligible persons will be granted a protected status similar to that of refugees, in any EU country, for a renewable period of one year."  -

Above meaning that it is possible to hire Ukraine as soon as they get a residence card. Contact us to learn more!


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