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Staffing and Consulting.

- Easier blue collar/white collar jobs

- Basic Swedish requirements (most of our candidate speak a high level of English)

- Minimum 50% employment rate 

USP: Employ on probation - Always collective agreements for the candidate


Try to hire

- Blue collar/white collar positions on any level

- Flexible employment rate

- Candidates ready to start quickly

USP: Scale up or down staffing in lines with seasons

On call

- Blue collar/white collar positions on management and expert level 

- Flexible employment rate

USP: Unique experiences for an unbeatable price


What do I get?

Just Arrived is an easy-to-use staffing and recruitment agency, always keeping costs and terms transparent. Our unique offering is partly our great candidates and partly our very competitive pricing, so it’s in our interest to show you everything. All prices are the “end-price” including all employer costs, pension, insurances and vacation pay - everything in line with your industry's collective agreements. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. Like it should be.

6 Reasons to choose us.


Terms in line with Collective Agreements


We take all employer responibilities


Possible to recruit candidate


Communicated prices are always bottom line, VAT excluded


Academics with 5+ years of relevant experience


Scale up or down staffing to follow your high or low seasons

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