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Job seeker

Welcome to Just Arrived.
At Just Arrived we want to enable talent, whichever corner of the world it comes from. For what ever reason you are here; welcome to Sweden – Please click on the link in and we will help you to find a job!

To us it is just talent that matters.

We guarantee


Terms in line with Collective Agreements means increased safety and clear conditions concerning salary, work environment, insurance and pension. 


A listening ear, let us know what you need and we promise to assist you


Caring and professional business culture, non bias, serious work places and helpful recruiters

4 steps to Recruitment



Check out our career page, here you can find job openings within all industries and learn more about who Just Arrived are. Once you find a job that interests you, please apply through the job ad. If you cannot find a job suitable for you at the moment, please use the connect option to create a profile.


Meet the Client

After completing our recruitment process you will meet with the client for the job you applied for, here the process can be different but either way the Just Arrived team are there to help.


Recruitment process

Once you have applied for your very first job, a recruiter will go through your application. If your profile meets the requirements for that role, the recruiter will contact you within the following weeks. You are then introduced to our recruitment process which will include personality and logical test, interview and references.


You got the job!

Congratulations! You have now successfully gotten a job through Just Arrived.

We talk the talk and walk the walk
- The future is in the making.

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Language learning at Just Arrived.

As an employee of Just Arrived, we want to provide you with the best conditions for entering the labor market. Therefore we offer language learning within some fields as additional value to our community.

Listen to what our consultant say.

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Just Arrived – The very company that took a chance on me and gave me a fresh start in the Swedish job market. Working as a Parking patrol coordinator to the Nordic Micro-Mobility Association was an eye-opener. It made me understand the very importance of change, sustainability, and electro-mobility. Its continuous benefit to the future of mobility and to the beautiful city of Stockholm.

At Just Arrived, I worked with some awesome colleagues and great managers.

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