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Born out of the 2015 refugee crisis, Just Arrived was founded on the idea that all new competence in Sweden is of value. Since then we have met thousands of talents
from all over the world, who have relocated to Sweden for all kinds of reasons. We have become experts on validating and matching these individuals with progressive companies. True to our heritage, we still work on the belief that enabling talent, whichever corner of the world it comes from, is something positive for society, as well as for any successful company. 

To us, it is just talent that matters. 

"We constantly change and adapt and being flexible when the world is changing is a great asset" 


We are so proud to be one of the winners of the Diversity Company of the Year at this years Recruitment Awards. We let the Jury speak for themself:


"Just Arrived is a business-oriented player that radiates change, integration and norm-breaking work. By both focusing on the first job for new arrivals and also work with recruitment in the company’s top tier, Just Arrived stands out from the crowd. They show that competence can always be found, when you broaden your network, dare to do differently and think new."

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Stureplan 6

114 35 Stockholm

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