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Inclusive Executive Search

Inclusive Executive Search.

At Just Arrived, we are experts in finding, attracting, and recruiting the right people to any organization. With vast experience within diversity and inclusion, we also know how to help you to reshape your company to prepare for future challenges.

We noticed that the level of experience and education amongst foreign born, newly arrived talent is at the same level or higher compared to Swedish candidates. Therefore we decided to launch Inclusive Executive Search, to unlock all available potential. We will not only look at foreign born talent but also include Swedish born candidates.

To us, it is just talent that matters. 

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Welcome to Just Arrived Inclusive Executive Search.

Did you know, a study shows that 49% of clients demand diversity in all of their recruitment from their Executive Search providers?

– Just Arrived helps owners and business leaders to work with diversity the right way.

Just Arrived helps managers and business leaders to further improve their organizations with Executive Search. We analyze the market to access the most suitable candidate for each assignment. 

By using Just Arrived as your executive search firm to identify and recruit high-level positions, your business can lower employee turnover and increase diversity.

With an evidence-based, efficient process and experienced recruiters, we find the most suitable candidates for each assignment - without losing our specialization in inclusion. 


Ensure diversity in future management teams with Inclusive Executive Search. 

Welcome to Just Arrived Inclusive Executive Search, attracting highly qualified executives to your organisation. We will find candidates for your critical positions, such as CEO, CMO, CFO, CTO, Management Consultants, etc., with our competence-based, validated, and inclusive recruitment process.
Whether you need help with recruitment, assessment of a candidate, want to do a background check, or need strategic guidance, we have the services you need.
Recruiting senior-level positions requires an omni understanding of your organisation and your specific business needs. Just Arrived focuses on attracting and assessment of candidates and their competencies while maintaining focus on your business needs.
We deliver according to the highest standards in recruitment and we always offer a delivery guarantee - if you are not satisfied with our delivery, we will do the recruitment again for no expense.

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Sofi, Head of Diversity and Integration and Executive Search Consultant

  • B.Sc. in Management, Business Admin and HR

  • Experienced Business Leader with proven track record from Sweden’s most established talent networks

  • Hands-On within Talent Acquisition, Retail and Sales

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Leo, Head of PR & Business Development and Executive Search Consultant

  • M.Sc. in Management, Communication and IT

  • 6 years of Executive Search and Interim experience from top-tier firms

  • Hands-on experience within FMCG, Recruitment, Sales

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