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Die monde2.jpeg
Die monde.jpeg

Die Monde

Is a mindset. They design fashion to inspire the youth to be brave, disruptive, and powerful. They expresses how it feels to grow up as a third culture kid in Sweden, and how to turn the pressure of fitting in, into growth and power to move forward. Their key is to combine street culture with timeless and minimalistic design which reflects their identity and values.

Die Monde


It is a fact that access to the job market for foreign born remains a struggle. In 2021, the unemployment rate for foreign born individuals was 20.0 %, compared to 4.6 % among domestic born individuals. Our behavioral patterns and priorities must change, so that we can maintain a non bias recruitment process. This is no small challenge. But we are ready to adopt it.

What do all these companies in the fashion industry have in common then? 

They all believe in a more integrated labor market. They are offering a lot of our talents a chance to enter the Swedish labor market by trusting us in the process.


We are so proud of our customers for choosing the sustainable way of recruitment. You are a part of the change. 

Sellpy .jpeg


Sellpy was born out of the idea of enabling everyone to live circularly. The easiest way to reduce emissions is to make better use of what already exists. In order to secure a better future, things must change. Sellpy makes sure to both reduce the pressure on the planet, and hire people in a sustainable way.



Bukvy presents the ultimate bag for every occasion. The goal was to create a bag for every activity of the day. A life with jobs on the run, separated relationships, going out, etc. But the main focus remained. The desire to know what everything has its place. The result was a small but carefully selected collection, designed to organise and simplify the daily activities. 

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