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Help with Work Permits.

Are you in need of assistance with a Sweden work permit? Just Arrived, a recruitment company specializing in foreign-born talent in Sweden, is here to help. Whether you're an employer seeking to hire non-EU staff or an employee looking to extend your expiring work permit, we can guide you through the work permit application process. As a certified company with access to the Migrationsverket (Migration Agency)'s fast-track system, we can ensure a smooth and efficient experience. Contact us with any questions you have regarding work permits, and our experienced consultants will provide the assistance you need. For more detailed information about work permits, you can also visit Migrationsverket.

Work Permit application.

Applying for a work permit in Sweden can be a complex process, but with our help, you can navigate it successfully. Here's a summary of the steps involved when you obtain assistance with a work permit from us:

Step 1: Review
We carefully review the requirements set by the Migrationsverket for both the employer and the applicant. Our goal is to identify any potential mistakes that could lead to rejection and ensure a se
amless work permit application process.

Step 2: Processing

Just Arrived is authorized by the Migrationsverket to offer a fast-track application process, guaranteeing a decision within 2-4 weeks, significantly shorter than the standard processing time of minimum 20 weeks.

Step 3: Union Involvement

To ensure secure employment, the union is involved in verifying that the employment conditions meet the collective agreements and industry standards.

Step 4: Application

We compile all the necessary information and submit the official work permit application to the Migrationsverket. At this stage, we inform the client about the submission and provide guidance for the upcoming period with a work permit.

Step 5: Decision

The Migrationsverket reviews the work permit application and makes a decision regarding its approval. The processing time may vary depending on the type of permit. Once the decision is made, we communicate the requirements to the client.


With our expertise in this area, our consultants can help you if your application has been rejected and you want to appeal the decision. The decision to appeal must be made within three weeks of the date of receipt of the decision. Contact us well in advance.

Requirements for Work Permits.

To be granted a work permit in Sweden, applicants must fulfill certain requirements. Here are the key factors:

Employment Contract

You need to have a valid employment contract that has been signed by both parties. If the contract is in a language other than English or Swedish, it must be translated. Make sure to attach a copy of the original contract.

Valid Passport

It is essential to possess a valid passport.

Employment Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of your employment must meet the standards set by collective agreements or industry norms.

Financial Viability

Your job should provide a salary of at least SEK 13,000 per month before taxes, ensuring your financial stability. From October 2023 the salary will be risen to SEK 26 560.

Insurance Coverage

Your employer must offer health, life, work, and pension insurance when you start working.

Additionally, it's important to note that having multiple jobs to meet the requirements is not allowed. The work permit is mandatory for any employment in Sweden, regardless of whether you are already employed in Sweden or abroad, working through a temporary employment agency, or transferred within a business group.

Extend your Work Permit.

If you have previously held a work permit in Sweden and want to apply for an extension, consider the following:

Meeting Previous

Work Permit Requirements:

  1. The Migrationsverket will assess whether you have fulfilled the requirements of your previous work permit.

  2. Salary Documentation: Submit documents demonstrating that your salary met the minimum requirements during the entire period of your previous work permit in Sweden. You must also provide details of your insurance company and insurance number.

  3. Continued


2 year Work Permit

Are you considering a 2 year work permit in Sweden? Let's dive into the details and answer some common questions about it.

A 2 year work permit allows you to work and live in Sweden for an extended period. If you already have a work permit and want to extend it, you need to be aware of the renewal process and timing. It's important to stay on top of these requirements to avoid any issues with your permit.

You may be wondering about the difference between a work permit and a work visa. A work permit is suitable for longer-term stays, while a work visa is typically for shorter durations. Understanding this distinction will help you choose the right option based on your specific needs.

In some cases, you might be eligible to apply for a work permit without having a job offer in place. This possibility arises if you possess sought-after qualifications and skills that are in high demand in the Swedish job market. It's worth exploring this option if you meet the criteria.

When it comes to extending your work permit, it's essential to follow the necessary steps and meet the requirements. The Swedish Migration Agency can provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transition and continuation of your work permit.

To stay updated on the status of your work permit, regularly check for any updates or changes. The Migration Agency's website or contacting them directly will provide you with the most accurate information regarding your application.

Obtaining a work permit opens up a world of opportunities to work and thrive in Sweden. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the process, understand the distinctions between permits and visas, and stay informed to make the most of your 2-year work permit experience.

Reach out to our migration experts.

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