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Matching newly arrived talent with companies in the Nordics.

Help the newly arrived talent

We stand with all the people out there that need to leave their homes due to to war, and we are sending all our strength to the ones that need to stay to protect it.

On March 2, 2022, a historical decision was taken in the EU which makes it possible for Ukrainians to seek protection within the EU for 1 year, with the possibility of extension.  They are also able to work in the EU in the meanwhile.

Just Arrived is here to help newly arrived talent, looking to ways to support themself, during their stay – and for employers looking to hire.


Meet Sofi Fridland,
CEO at Just Arrived.

 I am full of empathy towards all the people out there who has left their homes due to to the war and I am sending all my strength to the ones that need to stay to protect Ukraine. 

I am proud to work at Just Arrived, and together with this network, being able to help the ones that seek protection here in Sweden. Now we invite companies and business leaders to hire these amazing people arriving to Sweden.

How Just Arrived is different.

We are convinced working with Social Impact is the future of any role model businesses.


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