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Nira Control

Nira Control design engine management systems for hybrid and cumbustion engines which challenges the existing market by pushing environmental solutions. The goal is to decrease the fuel consumption and emission levels by advanced technology. The technlogy has been successful and they have accomplished  mass production collaborations with OEM's.

Nira Control


Working in the Tech industry requires a lot of courage. It takes people that are innovative, future-oriented and have the constant mindset of improvement. A compilation shows that the industry's contribution to GDP has grown by as much as 1 300 percent since 1981. This industry is moving fast and new technology develops everyday which makes the journey exciting to be a part of. 


Despite the great development, all of our partners in this industry have something huge in common, sustainability. They do not just communicate sustainability, they act on it, and it is obvious that it characterizes every part of their business.

Due to the growing industry, it is clear that the demand to hire the right skills becomes even more important. It also indicates where society should invest its resources. Just Arrived are more than happy to deliver competent talent from every corner of the world. 

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Michiel Annaert

Wireless Car

Since 1999 Wireless car have been in the front of the process to move the automotive industry into the digital society. With 20+ years experience, Wireless Car have deep insights about the automotive industry’s goals and challenges. They offer sustainable mobility for cars to reach their full potential in providing world-class connected services.

Wireless Car


Northvolt tackels the fact that the world is turning its back on fossil fuels. They are active in the battery industry, manufacturing clean energy. Their goal is to deliver batteries with an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to those made using coal energy. One amazing part about the product life cycle, is that 95% of the battery after being used is resued to make new ones. The initiative is to always reach new heights and bring solutions to the market that make the world a cleaner place. 

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