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Restaurant X Just Arrived

Image by Fábio  Alves

Lådan - Jaydub AB

Lådan is inspired by an American beer hall. It is a brew pub without a brewery. They instead rotate 20 barrel taps with the finest Swedish independent beer that is relevant at the time.

Lådan likes simplicity and lives for small-scale and locally produced products. Visit Lådan for a personal and genuine experience.



Now that Sweden is reopening after the pandemic, Just Arrived are so happy to be able to help people into the labor market again. During the pandemic there where too many talents that lost their jobs and the unemployment rate in Sweden increased.

Just Arrived wants to turn this around and get the talents back in buissness. We have talent in all industries and our candidates have all different educational and language levels but our ideal partner is: 

- Offering a salary align with Swedish collective agreements 
- Open to English as an alternative language to Swedish 


We have chefs, kitchen assistants, waitresses, bartenders, DJ:s, event staff, or anyone you might need – on-call or for more permanent positions.

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