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Where to find jobs in Sweden

There are many ways to find jobs in Sweden. As a newcomer, a natural first step is often to contact the Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), which among other things has been commissioned to help newcomers to the labor market. Good to know is that there is much more work in Sweden than reported to the Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), therefore it’s important to look broader. Below are some common ways to find work that may be good to keep track of.

Job sites

There are many sites in Sweden where jobs are advertised.

MetrojobbMonsterCareerbuilderStepstoneBlocketjobbPlatsbankenIndeed works as a search engine that collects jobs from many different sites.Jobbsafari also works as a search engine that collects jobs from many different sites.

Profession-specific sites

Many sites that target specific groups also collect jobs from different employers, such as:

Ny Teknik lists jobs within engineeringComputer Sweden jobs within IT and system developmentResume is listing jobs within communication and marketing

Job sites for newcomers

There are some actors specializing in matching newcomers with employers. They have multilingual recruitment consultants who can also guide you into Swedish working life.

Just ArrivedNovare Potentials

Recruitment and agency companies

There are a lot of staffing and recruitment companies offering jobs at many companies in Sweden. Some of the largest ones you see below;

ManpowerAdeccoRandstadAcademic WorkTNG

Employers own web sites

Many companies have dedicated parts of their sites where they post the jobs they want to fill.

Social networks

Social networks are becoming increasingly more important in finding jobs today. Some tips on how to use them:


The more you have completed your profile, the more likely you are to appear in the recruiters’ searches. Fill out all the jobs, duties and languages you speak. Join groups, preferably about your profession. By commenting and engaging in discussions, your profile becomes more visible to relevant people. LinkedIn will also show you suggested jobs based on your profile.


On Facebook, there are many groups to convey jobs. Check the groups’ flows to find what’s relevant to you.


The tag #nyttjobb is used by most people who post work on Twitter. Keep in mind that you can combine it with other tags for better relevance. For example, #nyttjobb #stockholm #svetsare

Tip! Most sites that publish jobs also offer you the opportunity to get email with jobs that are relevant to you. You can enter yourself and specify which professions and places you are interested in and receive mail when assignments that suit your choices are published.

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