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The final chapter - Small steps towards a bigger goal

I have always believed that if every effort we make, no matter how small, no matter how

insignificant, takes us closer to our dreams, then it is worth every bit of our effort and time. Never let the feeling of failure stop you from taking that “small & insignificant step”.

My firm belief in myself that I have the potential to be successful has kept me going and making efforts towards fulfilling my dream; my dream of establishing myself as an accomplished writer who can use the power of words to help people realize their inner potential and achieve what they aspire for.

The road to success can be very challenging, trying, and long but the only way to reach the

destination is by working towards it and never give up. We might not realize it in the beginning, but our consistent efforts do bring us closer to our goal. I started to identify and prioritize the steps I had to take to establish myself. First I needed a job that gives me stability and a platform to portray my potential as a content writer. I spent time on the

internet daily to search for jobs on various job portals and reaching out to various reputed

recruitment agencies for help. Secondly, I invested my time in building a professional network and contacts who could advise me on my career path. Thirdly, I began to write blogs, poems, articles, etc on my website www.voiceofaditi.com to share my life experiences and learnings with others.

This has become a platform for me where I showcase and present my viewpoint, writing skills, and talent to the world. And lastly, I tried to read, research, and join online courses to polish and update my knowledge and skills. Opportunity only knocks on the doors of people who make an effort to achieve it. I feel, because I never gave up, today, I have a job and a career. I am working as a content specialist in the marketing division of a reputed MNC in Stockholm. This opportunity has not only provided me a platform that I can use to develop as a content writer but has reaffirmed my faith in myself.

Today, when I wake up in the morning, my eyes are full of excitement and I am charged up to start another day at work, to meet new people, do challenging tasks, learn something new and in this process grow professionally day by day and move closer to my goal. Although I had to face a lot of disappointments and rejections when I started the journey of establishing myself in Sweden, my determination and desire to get what I want, keeps me moving. The tiny steps that I take every day, lead me closer to the vision I have of myself as a writer. The key to achieving your dreams is to never stop believing in yourself, staying focused, and keep working hard. I may have a long way to go before I can say that I have am a successful writer, but what I can claim today is that I am on the way to becoming one. I would like to end the article with one of my quotes:

“Stay focused on taking small steps day by day and you can travel unimaginable distances year by year”.

By Aditi Mahajan

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