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Stories From a Newcomer, A Struggle and Survival Saga - Part 4 Rediscovering Myself

Every kind of experience, good or bad, plays a crucial role in our growth. I realized that to be happy again, I had to accept the harsh realities of a new start that was, undoubtedly, a result of my conscious decision. I had to lay down a plan to sort out my life and bring it back on track.

All the failures made me realize a few of life’s realities. Number one, what I do with my life is totally my responsibility. I cannot blame anyone for my misfortunes but myself. Number two, to get others to believe in me, it is me who has to believe in myself first. So I should never doubt my potential and never lose faith in myself. Number three, the onus to prove my worth to others solely lies on my shoulders and for that, I need to show the world what I am capable of. With these thoughts in my mind, I decided to take concrete steps and keep moving towards my goal steadily.

Firstly, to accelerate my inclusion into the Swedish society, I joined the Swedish language course at SIFA, tried to connect and mingle with the locals, read articles on Swedish lifestyle and culture, and researched the Swedish job market extensively, and did not give up searching and applying for jobs.

Secondly, I tried to introspect and evaluate what my core strength was and how I can leverage it to my benefit. I always have been extremely passionate about writing. I used to draft training packs for corporate training in my previous job. I used to write poems for my kids ‘recitation competitions. I used to support them in writing debates and they always came back with first or second prize. I wrote a lot when we moved to Sweden. That was and still is a stress buster for me that erases all the bad and depressing memories from my mind and rejuvenates my soul.

For the first time, I decided to take my writing skill seriously and make a career out of it. I started to learn all about the “world of the web”, creating websites, content writing, media editing, blogging, social media posting, and so on. I have still a lot to learn about it. But this passion of mine has given me back my confidence, energy, and enthusiasm to look forward to creating something new and sharing it with the world with the hope that my struggle and experiences might motivate, someone like me, to never give up on life and most important to never give up on oneself.

Today I proudly present myself as the content developer, writer, and blogger who has developed a website of my own, where no one can stop me from showcasing my potential and talent. You can visit my website to read my blogs and writeups by clicking on the link https://www.voiceofaditi.com/

In this journey of mine, when I was new and feeling lost in Sweden, I thankfully came in touch with an employment consultancy company, Just Arrived. Just Arrived helped me tremendously in understanding and increasing my approach to opportunities in the Swedish job market. It has been mentoring me to lay my career path that would help me leverage my skills. I am highly obliged to them for believing in me and giving me space on their site to share my struggle to survival story and inspire others too. I hope that more and more people can seek such kind of professional mentorship and guidance to help them re-establish and rehabilitate themselves when they land on the new soil.

And my journey continues...

By Aditi Mahajan

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