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Stories From a Newcomer, a Struggle and Survival Saga - Part 3 Change of perspective and mindset

As they say, “Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions”, was the phrase that kept ringing in my ears after living in Sweden for a while.

My initial days in Sweden passed feeding my hunger for exploring all, experiencing all, and achieving all that I had aspired and dreamed of. I was full of excitement and fervor to start afresh in life and fulfill all the desires I had when I started my new chapter in life.

But nothing gets real until you experience it yourself. After a few months of living in the foreign land, the realities and hardships of starting a life in different and unfamiliar surroundings began to sink in. There was a drastic shift in my lifestyle after my move from India. From living a luxurious life, I landed in a one where I had to be cautious not to overspend. I had to travel in public transport. I had to do all household chores by myself with no help. On top of that, I had no one to talk to or call as my friend or family. I lost the meaning of my existence and excitement to look forward to a new day.

My husband got busy in his new job and my kids started going to school. They all would get ready in the morning, pick their bags and leave the house full of enthusiasm; enthusiasm to interact with fellow mates at work or school; enthusiasm to experience and learn something new every day. But I had nothing to look forward to. I had nowhere to go, nobody to meet and nothing new to do.

I decided to update my CV and look for jobs. I started to apply online for jobs in Human Resources and content writing. My mailbox would be full of sent out job application mails and equally full of rejection emails in response to my applications. This routine of sending my CV and receiving rejection emails became a new constant in my life for more than a year. All my dreams of making it big in a new country began to shatter. I had to break this cycle of rejection and come out of it before it could engulf me and crush all my hopes.

But I was clueless as to how to come out of it and lead my life more meaningfully.

To be continued

By Aditi Mahajan

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