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Stories From a Newcomer, a Struggle and Survival Saga - Part 2. Desire for a better life

I had all going well in my life in India until came the day when we got the big news. The news that first aroused a lot of excitement and curiosity in me and my family later ebbed into confusion, uncertainty and panic.

The big news was that my husband was offered a job role in a reputed MNC in Stockholm. On hearing the news, we were pretty excited and enthusiastic about moving to a country with a high happy index and thought that our life would be stressfree, relaxed and more comfortable in this beautiful country. We started to analyze the pros and cons of moving to Stockholm.

Major pros points were that Sweden is a friendly, progressive country with an excellent public system that cares for its inhabitants and promotes work-life balance. We thought that it would be beneficial to provide exposure to our kids and lead our lives in such a peaceful, dynamic and forward-thinking environment.

But our conscience forced us to carry out a risk analysis and list out cons of moving to Sweden as well. We found out that the cost of living including food, housing, commuting and tax rates, is pretty high in Sweden. We would have to adapt and acclimatize to the Swedish culture, lifestyle and language to integrate ourselves fully into the system. In addition to this, the major restricting aspect was the fact that we would have to leave everything we have, our family, our friends, our home and most importantly our comfort, back in our homeland.

But the fact that curiosity to explore the unknown, one of the basic and strongest instinct in humans, made us incline more towards deciding in favor of moving and kind of shadowed the cons that our cautious brain had enlisted. The greed to have even better job prospects, more exposure, explore life beyond the Indian borders and to have a worthier future, excited us. We comforted our minds by the thought that we would learn the language and if we both work, we can make ends meet. So the decision of moving to Sweden was finally made.

We started to pack our stuff and wind up our life in India to be ready to start afresh in life in a foreign land.

Then came the day to bid our final adieus to our family and friends and with sadness in our hearts and dreams in our eyes, we boarded the flight to Sweden.

To be continued

By Aditi Mahajan

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