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Stories from a newcomer, a struggle and survival saga - Part 1. Life I left behind

I come from India; the world’s 7th largest country having the world’s 2nd largest population. This very statistics describes how much competition and struggle we Indians have to face to get admission to a reputed school, university and then later in building our career. We are taught since childhood to work hard, not to lose time, keep track of what all others are doing for a career and adopt the same if we want to move ahead of others in life. It is an endless fight against fellow citizens for resources and opportunities.

I, like everyone else, had to go through this struggle for survival. I took my studies very seriously and participated in extracurricular activities as well. I did my Bachelor's in Commerce and then Bachelors in Law. I topped in my University in Law and was awarded two gold medals as well. After my Law degree, I did my Masters in Business Administration as well. Then came the time to put my degrees to practical use and look for a job.

I started working as an Assistant Manager in a finance firm for two years. Later, I joined a reputed HR consultancy and worked there as a consultant for another two years. I loved my work a lot. Not only did I get to take up bigger and different kinds of projects, but I got to interact with different people at different positions working in different companies. I saw a lot, understood a lot and learned a lot. It made me feel complete and content from inside. But due to some family obligations, I had to discontinue my job and take care of my family. Even though there was a complete turnaround in my life, I promised myself not to make my life worthless. After taking a break for a few years, I began to take home tuitions for school kids and helped them with their studies. This way I could be available at home and earn for myself at the same time.

I had a good social life too. Being surrounded by supporting family and friends, who were there for me at all times, made me feel happy, secure and safe at all times. We frequently met each other, celebrated festivals together, went on holidays together and did many other activities together. To put it in one sentence; we enjoyed life in each other's company to the fullest. We were there to share each other’s joys as well as we were there to provide support to one another during hard times.

Everything was going well for me. I had a comfortable house, an adequate income, a decent lifestyle, a caring family and wonderful friends. Then came a day when we got big news which made me and my family rethink and reconsider our life in India and make some hard life decisions.

To be continued

Picture: Me with my family & friends

Writers name: Aditi Mahajan

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