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Meet the team - Sofi Fridland

Who are you?

My name is Sofi and I would describe myself as a social and driven girl who grew up in the countryside of Stockholm and works as a Talent Manager at Nova. Outside work, I spend my time with old, new and potential friends – preferably over a glass of wine, while traveling or at the football field. I’m also the biggest fan of Social entrepreneurship, which, amongst other reasons, is why I’ve gladly spent my time helping Just Arrived.

What has been your role in the Just Arrived project?

I joined Just Arrived the second I heard about it from Andreas König, current CEO. From the beginning I mostly focused on finding the right talent for Just Arrived in order to go from idea to reality. Since then I’ve helped out with communication, partnerships and by organizing their launch event.

Why do you do what you do? How does your involvement in this project relate to your values in life the direction in which you want to develop yourself?

I think I always strive to help others around me. During the past years I’ve met way too many talented people that have given up on their careers because they didn’t stand a chance to enter the Swedish labor market without the support and network they would need in Sweden. I’ve found it provocative in the sense that I find it hard to believe that we couldn’t be better at integrating these people into the labor market in Sweden. This should not only be of highest priority for the sake of these individuals, but also for the organizations and the society we live in. I could go on about forever why Just Arrived is important and brilliant, but some final words would be; I think Just Arrived is of the most interesting initiatives on this topic right now and I’m extremely proud to have contributed even just a tiny bit to making Just Arrived into what it is all about – to give newcomers in Sweden a chance to enter the labor market.

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