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Meet the team - Per Clingweld

My name is Per Clingweld. I’m 27 years old and passionate about innovation and urban development, but more specifically realising peoples’ true potential. I have a BSc in Architecture and Engineering and an MSc in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and see an opportunity to be creative whenever I run into a problem - small or large. I’ve started a few companies and non-profits and worked with everything from web design to commercial real estate development.

I’ve been part of the Just Arrived journey from the idea stage in October last year. I could potentially be described as the catalyst who brought it from an email to a project and connected the right people to get it started. Through my employer Nova I have been working pro-bono with the project throughout the year. Once I was offered the role as CMO in the core team, after our great success at political week Almedalen, I simply couldn’t say no! As CMO, I’m responsible for shaping the communication and relationships that make people and organisations aware of our brand and what we do. Our website and social media have been important channels so far and the next step will be to start creating events that educate on the matter.

So why do I do what I do? Well, over the past few years I’ve been part of growing the startup community in Sweden, following the creativity and tremendous speed at which ideas are being realised thanks to design and technology. Right now, 33 investments are being made in Swedish startups every month compared to only 3 a few years ago, proving that this little country in the north has become a melting pot for innovation. At the same time, through my key role in the top talent network Nova, I realize how many talented individuals are just waiting to contribute with their skills, social capital and time to do good. I am a big fan for building financially sustainable companies and products, strategically designed to make an impact. Up until today, the Just Arrived project has had more than 150 contributors from 25 different organisations, making it the coolest project I’ve ever been part of. This form of collaboration enabled by technology, and also how we’ve teamed up with other initiatives within the space, makes me very hopeful for the future.

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