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Meet the team - Louise Staffas

My name is Louise and I am 27 years old. I just moved to Stockholm from Gothenburg. Two years ago I graduated from the master program International Administration and Global Governance at University of Gothenburg.

I have always wanted to work with international development and human rights, which resulted in that I, three years in a row, created and project managed a charity race called Running for Change. Previously working for an aid-organization now working for Just Arrived have truly confirmed me that helping other is what I am aiming to do.

As an Account Manager at Just Arrived I am trying to make as many companies as possible to connect with us and realize that together we truly can make a huge difference concerning the Swedish integration by giving people a chance to get into the labor market of Sweden.

I am really enjoying working for Just Arrived, being surrounded by so many inspiring people every day pushes you to keep fighting for everyone’s right to get into the Swedish labor market.

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