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Meet the team - Anna Hörnmark

I grew up in a big family in Jönköping, and after living in both Gothenburg and Malmö I ended up in Stockholm. Coming from a smaller city it takes a while, but Stockholm is becoming home, and I love it! I worked for several years as a store manager within retail and during the last three years I have studied Arabic and Middle Eastern & North Africa studies at Stockholms universitet.

As Operations Manager at Just Arrived my main responsibility is being the contact for newcomers looking for work, to answer all questions through our support channel. And first and foremost it is to build a social and work related network of motivated people who, by doing great work for companies through us, will get references and credentials to help them further on into Swedish labour market and Swedish society.

When I grew up the simple motto “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” was beaten into my brain. And I guess this is me trying to do something. During my studies, the last three years I watched the situation with immigrants in Sweden develop rapidly. My understanding of some of the cultures that are enriching Sweden grew next to my wish to contribute, and when I was given a chance to join the highly driven and motivated team at Just Arrived I didn’t hesitate. We want to do something to help make at least one step into Swedish society easier.

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