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Meet the operators | Tier – August Svedenstedt

Sofi Fridland, CEO at Just Arrived met up with August Svedenstedt, Regional Manager Sweden/Denmark at Tier Mobility for a chat in order to get to know him better. Tier Mobility is part of Nordic Micromobility Association, which Just Arrived are staffing Parking Patrols in several Swedish cities in order to solve the issues of missparked e-scooters.

3 quick questions with August:

In one sentence, who are you?

I am a fun, caring, and social person to be around

What is your hidden talent?

C- level banter

The first thing you would change if you became prime minister?

To make some sort of conscription for younger people, not only for the military but for all societal needs i.e. Elder care, Hospitals and rescue services etc. So younger people feel ownership of our entire society.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background

Born in Helsingborg, moved around a lot with my family, and lived in both Amsterdam and Oslo. Gone to international schools my entire life, and university at Copenhagen Business School. After school, I worked in Ikea, as every good swede. Other than that I have been at Tier for most of my professional life.

Tell us a bit about the parking patrol initiative, and more exactly about it being an industry wide collaboration. How did that come about?

"The explosion of micro-mobility has been very quick and the parking issue is something we take very seriously, both at climate neutral Tier and in the entire industry.

I think the parking patrol is a great solution in order to be very concrete. Also, it feels even better to work with Just Arrived who has another perk which is to integrate people into society. - August Svedenstedt

How has the collaboration with Just Arrived been so far?

Excellent, it has been great from the beginning. It's kind of interesting this whole micro-mobility revolution. If you look at the first scooter model we had, it weighed like 11 kilos and fell over easily. It wasn't a great scooter, to be honest but it was an important one because it started this whole revolution and showed the potential of the e-scooters we now see today. In our collaboration with Just Arrived, we in the same way have started somewhere and now we will develop and work even closer together moving forward.

In our industry, we take the United Nation sustainable development goals very seriously, and our entire company has to be sustainable in all aspects and therefore also contributing to social integration is important. Therefore, there was no other option than Just Arrived.

There is a huge debate going around about scooter companies getting fined as part of solving the issue with miss parked scooters as well as a fee per vehicle, what are your thoughts about this?

It feels good that more regulations are coming, I think it is needed so we all know what to relate to. More clear regulation where the municipality can set higher demands on all operators. However, I don't think fines and fees are the solution to the parking problem. I think more parking infrastructure is needed. It needs to be easier to park correctly. Allocation space today used for car parking for micro-mobility parking like in Paris and York is one solution as well as parking patrols. Most importantly the end goal to contribute to the green transition to our cities should never be lost when addressing these challenges.

What's coming next for the future of micro-mobility and Tier?

The Future for Tier short term is that we are launching a new energy network where the customer can swap out batteries in exchange for free rides as a way to become even more green. We are also looking at e-bikes and introducing more micro-mobility options.

For the industry I think we will see cities, like Paris shutting down car streets, taking away parking lots, and implementing more bicycle lanes, e-scooters, and public transport. I also think car sharing alternatives will become more common than actually owning cars.

What is the best thing about your job?

I love the flexibility of my job and seeing the impact we are creating in society. I get to be in the front of a new industry that is changing society.

Read more about TIER here!

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