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Get to know the Operators | Lime – Michael Parishaian

Sofi Fridland, CEO at Just Arrived met up with Michael Parishaian, Interim General Manager Nordics at Lime for a chat about the e scooter industry, himself, parking patrols, and much more. Lime is part of Nordic Micromobility Association, which Just Arrived are staffing Parking Patrols in several Swedish cities in order to solve the issues of missparked e-scooters.

If you would describe who you are, with one sentence, what would you say?

I would say I'm a hard working person with some stubborn traits for ensuring the end target is met.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I make the world's best guacamole.

If you were to become the Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you would change?

I would aim to achieve social equality so that people don't have to struggle with the fundamental needs in life or in education.

Can you just tell us a little bit about your career background?

I began my professional career at Ubereats in Stockholm. I started in January 2017 and tried to absorb all the knowledge I could from the great managers I had around me. Roughly, after a year and a half at Ubereats, I was contacted via LinkedIn by Lime. After one of the more entertaining interviews I have had in my life, I was moved throughout the process until one day I was offered the job and the rest was history.

From your side, how did this collaboration start or more so, this initiative?

As the summer approached, Lime and the other operators saw that there was a need to proactively tackle incorrectly parked scooters. Scooters are still a new form of transport and the parking education that we provide needs some physical support. I'm very glad we have been able to create a lovely partnership with Just Arrived to support the needs of the city, riders and non-riders.

How have you experienced the collaboration with Just Arrived so far?

Excellent service! Ida (Operation Manager) is a very easy person to work and communicate with. The workers are also amazing to follow in the chat with their lively communications with each other.

There is a huge debate going around about e-scooter companies getting fined as part of solving the issue with missparked scooters, what are your thoughts about this?

I personally do not believe that a fee per scooter is the right way to go unless the money collected goes toward establishing scooter infrastructure. By punishing the operator and having the operator pass down the fine to the rider, this could lead to resentment from the rider rather than a learning experience.

What is coming up next for the micro-mobility industry, and for Lime?

I see more regulation coming. Major cities around the world, especially, in western Europe will be managing the industry through tenders and scooter-focused regulations

I believe that micro-mobility will play an important role in the cities, especially if the goal is to limit or completely remove the need for fossil fuel. By working closely with cities and our riders, we can, as an industry, help to create a “15-min city” and take back the street from cars.


To learn more about Lime, visit their website here.

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