• Just Arrived

A new type of collaboration - creating a better recruitment industry

Instead of seeing each other as competitors, fighting for the same clients. Let's see each other as collaborators who can benefit from one another. Let's all together create a more inclusive recruitment industry.

That was the thought that sparked our latest collaboration with the Executive Search and Headhunting Firm, Capasearch. Their mission is to drive change by putting leadership in focus. Good leadership is something all organizations need - regardless of industry or company size and both individuals and companies grow by challenging established patterns. They are passionate about modern leadership and the skills required to lead organizations today and in the future. Flexibility, curiosity and courage are qualities that are increasingly important in our rapidly changing world.

After clients request and own reflection, they wanted to find a way to increase their intercultural diversity, and of course Just Arrived was happy to help. Together we team up for a collaboration where Just Arrived will bring our expertise of validating and recruiting international talent. Together we can all be and do better, and the aspiration from Capasearch, is something we really admire.

Organisations' challenges when it comes to intercultural diversity usually starts in the top, and we are therefore happy to have found a way together with Capasearch, to better just that.

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