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Micromobility X Just Arrived

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The initiative with parking patrol has emerged through a shared opinion that safety is the most important factor in the cities. No operator wants parking problems, thus Just Arrived's role in this is a solution to the problem. Ultimately, if the city is happy, everyone is happy. Like it should be.


Just Arrived are hiring people to act as a parking control for electric scooters. As a Parking Patrol, you create a more pleasant environment by moving incorrectly parked electric scooters. The work can also involve contact with the public and assisting with parking instructions. The hard work of Just Arrived has been recognized over the borders and we now operates in 3 Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark and Finland. 

Micromobility serve a purpose for all trips in the inner city that are a little too long to walk but a little too short for wanting to drive a car and park the car. It is a perfect alternative for you who are in a hurry because the scooters take you from point A to point B. You are often allowed to park them outside your desired location, which is a great advantage.


Just Arrived's collaboration with Micromobility has provided people with jobs all over Scandinavia, this has resulted in not only a safer city,  but also a chance into the Swedish labor market with terms in line with collevtive agreements for our clients.

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"We are working with Just Arrived because you are doing something we believe in, but also that it’s actually working. I really want to highlight that, and that you are delivering a quality service, it is not something that we are doing pro bono, but because it’s a good service."


- Eric André, General Manager, Voi



Bolt strive to offer fast and affordable travel. All trips with Bolt in Europe are 100% climate neutral which is part of Bolt's green plan. A long-term commitment to reduce the company's ecological footprint. So the only thing the customer have to do is to choose a destination, book a trip, be picked up and enjoy the ride. 

- Expansion and Operations, Nordics at Bolt


"In our industry, we take the United Nation sustainable development goals very seriously, and our entire company has to be sustainable in all aspects and therefore also contributing to social integration is important. Therefore, there was no other option than Just Arrived. The explosion of micro-mobility has been very quick and the parking issue is something we take very seriously therefore we think this initiative is a great solution in order to be very concrete. "


- August Svedenstedt, Regional Manager Sweden/Denmark at Tier



"Excellent service! Ida (Operation Manager) is a very easy person to work and communicate with. The workers are also amazing to follow in the chat with their lively communications with each other. I'm very glad we have been able to create a lovely partnership with Just Arrived to support the needs of the city, riders and non-riders.

Superpedestrian, Link

Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company that puts sustainability, efficiency and safety first. They strive to continue develop technologies to provide sustainable connected cities with micromobility services. 


- Michael Parishaian, Interim General Manager Nordics at Lime



Dott are driven by the vision to make micromobility accessible for all. In every city they operates in, they hire local staff members who have the best interest of their city at heart. Dott provide local and affordable rides for all walks of life, in every neighborhood.  



"Honestly, from our perspective, it's been great from the very beginning and still is. It’s fantastic. You are extremely open and collaborative and whenever we have any issues, you always solve them quickly and that's always appreciated. I think the collaboration is really one of the strongest faces, something that we want to nurture and that we want to continue for the long run."

- Jacopo Magni, Expansion and Operations, Nordics at Bird

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