Become the first company to get certified in diversity

A lot is happening in the world right now when it comes to people's equal value and many people want to make a difference.

We see that the diversity issue is more relevant than ever in Swedish companies. However, very few people actually do anything concrete.


Often this is due to an ignorance of how and what to do. That's why Just Arrived is proud to launch - the diversity package

Common challenges

- Difficult to validate foreign-born skills

- Difficult to get qualitative applications with greater diversity

- Hard to get the whole company on board

- Hard to be inclusive

Our solutions






Integrations Gala




Certified companies

Over 2 years of collaboration and over 30 newly arrived talents in work. The online second-hand shop Sellpy is not only taking its responsibility when it comes to the environment, but also for Sweden's integration

The LL companies' collaboration was started a little over a year ago. During that time, several foreign-born talents have come to work and today finally got a long-term employment.

Martin & Servera set an internal goal, that their companies would reflect the society we live in. Over 1 year of successful collaboration and Martin & Servera have shown that they are taking clear actions towards that goal.

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