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Last Mile X Just Arrived


Vembla delivers fresh food to the door in 10-15 minutes. Amazing, if you ask us. You order via an app, enter your address and select Vembla Express for 10-15 minute deliveries. Choose your favorite products and it will be delivered by an electric bike from their own local store in your area.

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Last mile refers to the last stage in a delivery process, especially when a customer is buying goods. For Vembla and Picsmart the last part of transportation is when the movement of people and goods comes from a transportation hub to a final destination. In this case, the local store to the customers door. 

This strategy aims to deliver goods to the customer as quickly as possible while  minimizing company cost. The last mile is often a crucial part of the supply chain, because this is the only stage the customer see, which has a direct correlation to the customer's experience. 

Thank you Vembla and Picsmart, we are looking forward for continous collaboration. 



Picsmart offers personal shoppers who shop in your local store for you. They are also climate-smart with fast deliveries within 45 minutes. Also there is no unnecessary surcharges. They offer the same low prices as in your local store.


Picsmart is a company which actively works to build both environmental and social sustainable operations. They are providing fossil free deliveries, local engagement and collective labor agreement terms. In line with their focus on social sustainability, they have offered 13 of our candidates employment.

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