Become a Just Ambassador

What we expect 

  • Nominating two people in your network to become Just Ambassadors


  • You actively promote our message of diversity, inclusion, and equal rights to a job both within your organisation and to the people around you


  • Completion of the Integration Hero Certification

What you will get

  • The chance to make a true difference in society 


  • The chance to highlight yourself, your business, or your believes on our social channels 


  • Listed on our website as a Just Ambassador


  • You will be able to announce yourself as an Ambassador and what it stands for on your LinkedIn page


  • The  opportunity to get certified on inclusive leadership and non-bias recruitment


  • Early-bird deal to our Integration Gala 2021

A Just Ambassador stands for:

That your professional competence has nothing to do with your name, nationality, skin color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion and that these should therefore never matter when it comes to recruitment or promotions
That all people should be seen and treated as equals

That we are all together responsible for making successful integration a reality, 

and that everyone can do something

That my organisation and I are in charge of educating ourselves towards becoming less biased, and to work against racialization in our workplace

Why do we need Just Ambassadors?

  • 50% of foreign born talent have never had a job – even after 10 years in Sweden


  • 200 000 foreign born talent were without a job in Sweden – before Covid-19


  • At the same time, we know diversity is needed to build better organisations today 

= We need to be more people, fighting for equal rights to long term employment.

The very first Just Ambassadors

Milad Mohammadi 
Global speaker, awarded "Swedens best speaker"
sofia wingren.png
Sofia Wingren
Group CEO at Hyper Island
Carl Dahlen
VP/ Country President at Securitas Sverige AB
amir .png
Amir Nazari
Inclusion and diversity manager at Afry
sofia klingberg.png
Sofia Klingberg
Inclusion and diversity manager at Afry 
Hugo Mörse
Chairman of the board and Managing director at Leksell Social Ventures
Bayo Callender
Human rights attorney
Baman Motivala
Board member and VP at SalesForce
Torgil Lenning
Board member and CEO at Potentialpark