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Image by Vojtech Bruzek


Bergendal has its facility 20 minutes outside Stockholm and Arlanda. It is a beautiful meeting place shaped by the forms of nature. Here you can book conferences, hotel, gym & relax and restaurants. When nature meets modern architecture in this mansion, it even holds the measure of your wedding - if you'd like. 



The hotel industry offers many job opportunities including administrative, custodial, management and food service roles. Working in a hotel can be very varied, especially during busy seasons, but It can also be very rewarding because there are many possibilities to advance through hard work. 

Housing is another great career, and any skills you learn in housing you can transfer to any other role. Väsby Hem is owned by Upplands Väsby county which means that they do not only offer a safe home for the people in the area, they also work hard on improving the situation for school, quality, environment, IT and development.


Just Arrived are proud to work with companies who contributes so much to society. Both of these industries give high priority to people through service, and that means that we must be responsive and listen to the customers needs.

Image by Wiktor Karkocha
Image by Brandon Griggs

Väsby Hem

Väsby Hem is a housing company which owns and manages approximately 4,900 rental apartments. Their vision is to offer comfortable accommodation in pleasant residential areas around Upplands Väsby. There is something for everyone regardless if you are a student, family, single, older, allergic or have other preferences. 

Väsby Hem
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