Jobs with high demand in Sweden 

As newly arrived in Sweden, it can be difficult to know which jobs to look for in order to easily enter the labor market. We have therefore listed jobs with high demand and repertory training you can go to in order to work with it. After training you are of course very welcome to contact us and inform about completed training.

Construction machine operators and construction workers

A construction machine operator often works in conjunction with the construction of various kinds. It can be transporting fill material and working with an excavator to plan the ground.

Concrete worker

The concrete worker's tasks include reinforcing and casting concrete structures such as house foundations, floors and bridges.

Bus, tram and truck drivers

Drive bus, truck or tram. Drivers license required

Headmasters and waiters

No education required, only experience. The headmaster organizes, plans and manages the work in the dining room.

Chefs and cold bars

To be a chef is to make a craft. For most chefs, the profession is much more than a job.

Cooling and heat pump techniques

As a cooling and heat pump technician, you have a free and varied profession where you can work with both practical and technical problem solving as well as with customer contact.

Building and ventilation plate butcher

Building sheet metal makers, manufacture sheet metal parts and associated forging works and associated and related works.


As an electrician, you can work on wiring in new homes, offices or malls, which is a professional role that is often called installation electricians.


Floor-layers work with laying carpets and floors of various materials such as textiles, linoleum or parquet. It is a varied work.

Train drivers


As a locomotive driver you can also be called train driver. As a train driver, you can also drvie a commuter train.

Machine adjusters and machine operators in metalworking


The work mainly involves monitoring one or more machines

Medical secretaries and health care administrators


The occupational title care administrator is used in many workplaces in Sweden

Motor vehicle mechanics and vehicle repairers

Vehicle fitters assemble details in the manufacture of vehicles.


As a bricklayer, your most common tasks are to masonry walls of blocks or bricks and to plaster

Butchers and cutters

As a butcher you kill slaughter animals. The animals are transported to the slaughterhouse where they are inspected.

Welders and glass cutters


Welding and joining occur in everything from the manufacture of advanced medical equipment to house building.

Thin Plater


Until 2021, labor market forecasts say that there will be about 2,000 plate smiths short in Sweden

Assistant nurse


The nurse works in municipalities, health care regions and in the private sector

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