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Help with Work Permits.

Do you need help with a work permit? Just Arrived is a recruitment company that helps foreign born talent find their first or second job in Sweden. If you are an employer looking to hire staff from outside the EU, we can help with the entire work permit application process, or just extend an employee's expiring work permit. Just Arrived is a certified company with access to the Migration Agency's fast-track system. Contact us if you have any questions about work permits and one of our experienced consultants will help you. You can also read more about work permits on the Migration Agency's website. 

Apply for Work Permit.

It can be difficult to know where to start when applying for a work permit. So we have provided a brief summary below of what the process might look like when you get help with a work permit from us. 

Step 1. Review

The review process involves ensuring that the employer and the applicant meet the Migration Agency's requirements for applying for the desired work permit. As well as checking to see if we can identify mistakes that could cause a rejection in order to avoid this.


Step 2. Processing

Just Arrived has been authorized by the Migration Agency to offer our clients a fast-track application process, and can therefore guarantee a decision within 2-4 weeks, which can normally take up to 10 weeks.


Step 3. Union involvement

The trade union is involved to ensure that the employment conditions offered comply with the labour market's collective agreements and other practices to ensure secure employment.


Step 4. Application

The information is compiled and must be reviewed by the Migration Agency. At this point, we notify the client that the official application has been submitted and provide the client with guidance on useful information to consider for the upcoming period with a work permit.


Step 5. Decision

The Migration Agency makes a decision regarding the approval of the application and this may take different time depending on the type of permit. Once the decision has been made, we will inform the client of the requirements concerning your application.


With our expertise in this area, our consultants can help you if your application has been rejected and you want to appeal the decision. The decision to appeal must be made within three weeks of the date of receipt of the decision. Contact us well in advance.

Conditions for Work Permit.

  • You must have a valid employment contract signed by both parties. (The contract must be translated into English or Swedish if it is in another language, and be sure to attach a copy of the original contract.)

  • Obtain a valid passport.

  • Your employment must provide terms and conditions of employment that are at least in line with collective agreements or in line with industry standards. 

  • You must have a job that is financially viable for you. This means that you need to work to the extent that your salary reaches at least SEK 13,000 per month before taxes. 

  • You have an employer who offers health, life, work, and pension insurance when you begin to work.

Read about work permits in Swedish Hjälp med arbetstillstånd.